NETECH : NatHaz e-Technologies

Welcome to the NETECH websites which serves as Web Portal of NatHaz e-Technologies which has been hosted and maintained by NatHaz Modeling Laboratory, which is associated with Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences at University of Notre Dame, directed by Dr. Ahsan Kareem.

One of the major challenges in any engineering discipline is the processing and archiving of large quantities of information. This is no exception in the field of Structural Engineering, where such stores of data include those generated by wind tunnel studies, laboratory experiments, material testing and even full-scale monitoring. Recent developments in information technology (IT) offer attractive solutions to these challenges, allowing efficient means to collect, store, analyze, manage, and even share large data sets with the worldwide community. Not only do such approaches enable geographically dispersed researchers working on a similar topic to share data and findings, but it also provides a venue in which this information can be disseminated to other members of the design community around the world.

This NETECH web portal serves as an application of the use of advances in the field of information technology to enhance, for the purposes of analysis and design, the accessibility, organization, dissemination and utility of web-archived data. Using a combination of web-based programming tools and popular engineering software, NETECH has been accomplished to offer more attractive features to allow not only archives of data and technical information, but also web-based on-line analysis frameworks in several fields of Structural Engineering such as NatHaz Aerodynamic Load Database (NALD), Chicago Full-scale Monitoring Project, NatHaz On-line Wind Simulator (NOWS), NatHaz Gust-Front Factor (GFF) etc.

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